The Phoenix Rises

Eventually, the notion of being a voice on social media started to take up residence in my head.  In a limited way.  And when I got around to Facebook, I figured there wouldn’t be much point in me being on it if I didn’t post my own photographic images and my own words.  Then I got going on the idea of doing a blog.  I didn’t get off the dime with that for a long time.  I needed to explore the reasons why I wanted to do a blog, and I kicked the can of that question around for quite a while.  Because it got tied up with another question:  how I felt about being visible.  So I got the blog off the ground, shored up with some pretty good motives at the time.  It worked until it didn’t work.

After I let Renascent Road doze off for almost a year now, I settled in with a strategy to re-envision it so that it fit me a bit better.  But after I tossed some ideas around with my designer, Kim LeClair, we decided I could go one of two ways.  Rebirth the blog or midwife a whole new website.  We decided to branch out.  Here’s what we built, the new Renascent Road, because the name still fits.

Here’s the machine that will be better able to carry my work.  Sometimes I want to talk about things that may not be comfortable for everyone or which take up a bit more space.  I haven’t made it a mission to try making everyone feel at ease.  After all, I’m part of a generation for whom dissent over the issues of the day was the crucible within which our emerging adulthood was forged.  When we finished up, Kim said the words evocative and provocative came to mind.  That feels right.

As we put limbs on this tree, lots of images and ideas came forth.  The need for a hefty, authentic container — more like a stoneware mug than the crystal goblet that was my old blog.  A place that could provide safety and inclusiveness, built on a strong foundation.  But at the same time, a place that left space for risk taking, for going deeper and farther in.  It needed to be a place that could hold both me and those who came in to visit.  And we have choices.  I have the choice to speak about what I need or want to speak about.  And you have the choice to read according to your own lights.  Read Facebook posts, read the blog or both.  Easy peasy and room to breathe for all of us.

I hope it’s a portal, a door into sharing thoughts and creative ideas, and that it feels like an expansive space once you’re inside.  There’s joy in building a tribe, of coming together in a community of in-person and virtual friends.  And we sure need a whole lot more of dismantling barriers and coming together.  I hope you participate and give voice to your thoughts.  This is a two-way street, after all.  Welcome!



  1. Honorata says:

    And I am glad and grateful you are here. You are an inspiration to many of those who get to the point of asking “is that it? is that worth it?, what is the point?”. I think we creatives are born with this questioning torture in our minds…So thanks for being here!

  2. Beth Di Nicola says:

    Carol, I am mesmerized by your words. Thank you for sharing your voice and your wisdom. I love seeing your face! Congratulations on being visible! I wish you much joy and success as you journey down the road of life and I hope we continue to walk this path hand in hand. Much love.

  3. Jen says:

    I am so excited by this blog AND your new website! Stunning! I will visit this place you’ve created often, pull up a comfy chair and let the words roll around and percolate.

  4. It’s such a joy to find a kindred Carol, and I thank my lucky stars for the day you showed up in my life. Your words and your photographs are such a gift to the world, and it’s such a delight to see the new container you’ve created for them both.

  5. Maria Goetz says:

    As I waited for notices of new posts to your blog, I often thought of you. I miss you dearly. Your friendship, creativity, our times together, were all so so special and warmed my heart. Now, despite the miles, your words and pictures will be something I can hold onto, until we can hug again.

  6. I know you are in a big transition now, but I long for you to post about it. I love that you let your soul be seen in the changing times we all go through as we age and experience life, death, and illness. These feelings are too many times replaces by hurled mean words to others rather than explaining where we are at the time.

  7. Maria Goetz says:

    Thinking of you today and wondering what wonderful pictures you have taken recently. I am not a writer, but continue to serve the Lord through the creative abilities with which I have been blessed.

    I want to reach out across the miles, give a virtual hug, offer a front porch rocker, a room for a relaxing visit, poetic scenery to enjoy, fellowship, loving embrace.

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