Missing Emma

The first Christmas without my Emma in almost sixteen years.  How she loved opening her presents and playing.  The space her death has left is wide and deep.


  1. Yasmin says:

    Oh, I am so sorry, Carol. I can only begin to fathom what that space she left behind must feel like. She must have given you so much joy. I love the picture of her in the snow! What a deep look she jas in her eyes!

  2. Kathy Lewis says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl! I can just imagine how much you must miss her – she was such an important part of your life for so long. I hope that wide, deep space becomes less of a chasm as time goes by.

    I remember when we came to visit you when she was just a year or two old. She loved to run and run and run, around and around your yard, pausing now and then to grab a cone from beneath the huge spruce (?) in your yard. I think that is what she is carrying in the first photo you posted. She was so full of fun and enjoying herself so much. Made me happy just watching her! I didn’t know much about Border Collies then – she was the first one I had ever really gotten acquainted with and been around enough to observe closely. So intelligent and incredibly perceptive! It’s wonderful that she was fortunate enough to have human companions who truly loved her and appreciated her special qualities.

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