Looking Ahead at the Creative Year

I like the pause between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  It’s like an incubation period for ideas and goal-setting, a time when I want quiet and nothing that I have to do.  But……I confess I’m not very good at the whole transition from one year to the next.  Yes, it’s an artificial “landmark” that helps us think about clearing the decks from one year and beginning to embrace the coming one.  No resolutions for me, though.  Not going to happen.  But this year I’ve been giving more than a little thought to what I want to do creatively.  I think I’ve done pretty good so far.  I only had one meltdown, and it was brief, sort of a bubbling to the surface of old junk from 2015.  I attended to it with some space and self-grace and a heavy calorie meal (yum).

So having gained equilibrium and a clear head, I’ve decided to repeat a challenge I gave myself several years ago:  take a photo a day.  This is in addition to any photo series I’m working on.  But I’m going to take it easy.  If I miss some days, that’s okay.  The whole point of the exercise is to look even more than I already look.  Not look at, but see.  And there’s a new camera in the mix.  In addition to the heavy-duty camera rig, I like carrying around a smaller, fixed-lens camera with options, and I’ve been using a Nikon Coolpix P510.  The new camera is a Coolpix P900.  This thing is off the chain, a wide-angle zoom with a 24-2000 range.  That’s like getting the forest on one end and a bug on a tree at the other!  So far, my daily pictures are just little moments, no big experiments yet.

The last light of a growing-longer day.

A volunteer lettuce, braving the cold.

A bit of down from a migrating goose, floating aloft and then trapped on a twig.

I’ve spent so much time looking at creative things, but not spending enough time doing.  This year I want to paint, something I haven’t done for years, except for watercolor.  I want to spend more time sketching.

I want to spend more time making collage.  I really love cutting and pasting things!  I love sitting in front of the images and sensing which ones call to be included.

I want to finish the altered book project my creativity group has been working on.  And maybe one of these days, I’ll build up the nerve to tackle the quilt I’ve been thinking about.

Listen, everything you do can be a creative act.  Just hanging around breathing counts.  Sometimes, the juices are flowing and you get caught up in a transcendent time of making.  Sometimes just getting up in the morning and plopping back into bed at night is a creative act if it means you’ve made it through another day.  So what are your big or tiny plans?  What will you toss into the air of this world with your name on it?



    • kitchell@comcast.net says:

      Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate it your kind thoughts. I’m delighted you stopped by to visit – come again!

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