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Aviary >

The enchanting winged tribe.  The dream of flight.  The grace of water gliders.

Windows >

Looking in or out.  What mysteries do these portals hold?  What feelings arise ― curiosity or foreboding?

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Cityscape >

Concrete jungle.  Angles and doorways.  The metallic and spicy scent of rain-dampened sidewalks.

Waterworks >

Born in water.  Floating or diving deep.  The fluid matrix of our bodies.  Sun-glittered or moon-lapped watery magic.

Wild World >

Step into the world of trees, animal eyes, flower-littered fields.  Breathe deep and unfetter your spirit.

Erosion >

Beauty in decay.  For the attuned eye, there is grace in the swift life of flowers and the slow wearing away of board and mortar.

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Clouds >

Landscapes of the sky.  Sometimes harbingers of things to come.  Sometimes enchanted visions.

Artful Exploration >

Adventures in making art.  Field trips for the imagination.  Investigations into creative expression.