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Who Really Runs the Show

If you’re not particularly interested in people’s pets, just quit looking at this post now.  Can’t tolerate all this running on about dogs and cats?  Check out a recipe blog.  Because it’s time to reveal who really runs the show around here.  First, there’s Holly the Pomeranian Diva Dog, love of my life, a major reason for my staying the course.






As you may have guessed, I’m besotted by this animal.


Next is Mrs. Minnett, a rescued Chihuahua……abused, overweight, wary of human touch when she came home with me.  Now a fit, happy little troublemaker with a wonky tongue.


There’s two cats.  Mostly, they like to maintain their personal space.  Tonks (with a nod to Harry Potter) the fuzzy black giant, may appear to be dead in the first photo, but I’ve included another to prove this isn’t so.  Fiona is the old girl.  These pictures reflect 1) her reaction to the political climate here in the U.S. and 2) her opinion of the candidates.






And then there’s my lovely departed girl, Emma…..gone on ahead.


How much emptier our lives would be without these companions, these fellow travelers who teach us so much about love and commitment and beauty.