My name is Carol and I’m the mechanic here at Renascent Road. Writer and editor, photographer, artist, reader, questioner, watcher. Renascent means renewed life, vigor or strength. It feels like a good word, one that I like wrapping around my journey.

Storybook dweller, believer in magic doorways in the forest, I was the kid who cried because I couldn’t find a way to get into Oz. Flying monkeys don’t worry me.

After wandering around the halls of academia for years immersed in anthropology and archaeology, I took up the writing and editing trade.

Holly, The Studio Manager

The photography affair began with a Brownie camera in childhood, became a brief flirtation in my teens, fell dormant, and then resurrected into an abiding passion.

My hopes and dreams? A place that feels deep in my bones like home. Love that breaks down the barriers and washes over me like cool lake water on a summer afternoon. Creative art that scares me and exhilarates me and makes me hum in the zone. Patience and compassion, really hearing and seeing, and not just walking on when I should stop. Dreams that shimmer like the sun on ice. Hopes that get shaken in the deep hours of the night, but unfurl again in the morning like spring buds.

I hope when you visit here, you feel like you’ve come to a place where you’re very welcome, even if the words or images don’t always square up with your view of things.