This is a place of Choice.
This is a place for Perspective.
This is a place for Expression.

This is where I say
“I’m Not Over.”

This is my voice.
This is a container, a sanctuary.
This is Renascent Road.

Join the Journey.


I’m talking about an economy of grace rather than an economy of money.  A condition of the spirit in which I feel like I have enough, where I don’t feel so compelled to hang on tightly to things.  A condition of the spirit in which I feel like I’m enough, like I don’t have to fit someone else’s description.

I have little tolerance for the daily repetition of tasks, and yet, deprived of those small gestures – cleaning the dishes, sorting the mail – I would likely find they might be better seen as sturdy anchors of the present moment.

But the cycles – they form a scaffold upon which I arrange the stuff of my life.  They’re the signposts, the memorial stones, the cradling arms that embrace my days, my life.